Hibridean islands painted for chipmunk by kaelakov-d5ss2s7

Example of Paul's amazing painting ;)

Honest donations only, I dont give people extra privilidges because you had an extra $5 in your paypal. -Paul


There are three options for donating, $5, $10, or the 'love you 5ever' $20 donation.

To donate, do /buy ingame or visit the eurasia website: Eurasia - Community website - Home

When you donate, you will receive a prefix, a nickname, and Paul will paint for you. You also get a written letter!

The purpose of donating is to show the server your Admiration, The Staff here at Eurasia Roleplay Works Pretty hard to try to accompany all your needs!



This is the buycraft menu displayed when you do /buy ingame


Current donators: Madviolet, Chipmunk, Herobrines_alot and Blackout (aka Kate).

Please donate and keep this amazing server running!