Eurasian FederationEdit


Eurasian Federation

March 3rd 2011 - Present Day


Gott mit uns

Capital Freiburg
Languages English with German Signs
Religion Notchism
Government Constitutional Monarchy

Historical era

- Markham City

- Markham State

- Markham Empire

- Eurasian Empire

- Eurasian Federation

(March 3rd - Present)

Leader Kaiser Paul (Kriegkopf)
Population                            1000+ Minecrafters
Currency Server Coin

Eurasia or Eurasian Federation is a nation. Officially started from the remains Markham Armed Forces under the leadership of Nightmare30 (Paul), the first generation of MAF disintergrated after a long year. Now, remnamt forces of the MAF under the same leadership establed the Eurasian Federation. On March 2011, the city of Markham was started by Paul on the Erasus Minecraft Server, since then the history and leadership of Eurasia and former Markham has spanned 3 IRL years.

Nowadays, The Parliament of Eurasia rules the nation under the guidance of Kaiser Paul (Kriegkopf), successfully expanding its size by way of an unusually well-organized and effective army. Eurasia shaped the history of Niedersaschen, with its capital in Freiburg after 1451. In 1871, Eurasiatic states joined in creating the Eurasia Empire under the Kaiser's leadership. The name Eurasia derives from the Old Eurasia. In the 13th century, "Old Eurasia" was conquered by Belkan Crusaders the Estovakian Knights. In 1308, Estovakian Knights conquered the formerly Calicatoan region of Danzig.  Eurasia entered the ranks of the great power shortly after becoming a organized nation, Eurasia had a major say in many international affairs under the reign of the Kaiser. 


The main coat of arms, as well as the flag of Eurasia depicted a White cross on a black background. The black and white national colours were inspired by Prussia's national colours, used by the Teutonic Knights. The Teutonic Order wore a white coat emboidered with a black cross with gold insert and black imperial eagle. 

Short History Edit

On March 3rd. Paul creates the group Markham on Erasus Minecraft Server, Markham first place is built. Skyscrapers are being built everwhere in the sovereign state of Markham. After a year of Markham, the clan disintergrated. All of it's past history and leadership is carried on into the Eurasian Empire, now the Eurasian Federation.

Eurasia History (Lore)Edit

The two decades after the unification of the early Eurasian Empire, Eurasia is the peak of Caecasus' fortunes, but the seeds for potential strife were built into the Esto-Eura political system.

The constitution of the Eurasian Federation was a slightly amended version of the North Caecasus and Aincelav Confederation's constitution. Officially, the Eurasian Empire was a federal state. In practice, Eurasia's relationship with the rest of the empire was somewhat confusing. The Hohenzollern kingdom included three-fifths of the Osean territory and two-thirds of its population. The Imperial Eurasian Army was, in practice, an enlarged Freiburg army, although the other kingdoms (Kingston, Woodstock and Jukoll) retained their own armies. The imperial crown was a hereditary office of the House of Paul, the royal house of Eurasia. The prime minister of Eurasia was, except for two brief periods (January–November 1873 and 1892–94), also imperial chancellor. But the empire itself had no right to collect taxes directly from its subjects; the only incomes fully under federal control were the customs duties, common excise duties, and the revenue from postal and telegraph services. While all men above age 25 were eligible to vote in imperial elections, Eurasia retained its restrictive three-class voting system. This effectively required the king/emperor and prime minister/chancellor to seek majorities from legislatures elected by two different franchises. In both the kingdom and the empire, the original constituencies were never redrawn to reflect changes in population, meaning that rural areas were grossly overrepresented by the turn of the 20th century. As a result, Eurasia and the rest of Empire were something of a paradox. Paul knew that his new Eurasian Reich was now a colossus out of all proportion to the rest of the continent. With this in mind, he declared Germany a satisfied power, using his talents to preserve peace, for example at the Congress of Aincelav. Kaiser Paul had barely any success in some of his domestic policies, such as the anti-Notchist NotchurKAMPF .

Military (Lore)Edit



The Eurasian Army is the official ground based armed force of  the Eurasian Federation. It was controlled by the Imperial Army General Staff Office and the Ministry of  Defence, both of which were nominally subordinate to the Kaiser of Eurasia as supreme commander of the army, kriegsmarine and luftwaffe.

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There is a universal uniform and regimental command hierarchy in the Eurasian Army,  it is also compulsory for every regiment to have at least one Captain to maintain the discipline and morale of the men while watching for any signs of corruption or taint in the ranks.


Eurasian Army Infantry based off of German WWI Infantry.

Eurasian nationalism meant that the military was built around a concept of “Die for the Kaiser”. Service in the Eurasian military is seen as service to the Kaiser. Each soldier believe it is great honor to die for the Kaiser as the warrior concept “to serve” was deeply ingrained in all the soldiers’ “culture”.

The concept of “Eurasian Spirit“equipped each soldier with a strict code. Never be captured, never break down, and never surrender. To be a coward or to be captured was a disgrace to one’s Minecraft family, their community, and their country. Each Eurasian Jager, Sailor and Airman was trained to fight to the death and was expected to die before suffering dishonor. Often, Eurasian Jagers will shout “For the Kaiser!” before charging into battle, indicating their willingness to die with honor!

Tied in with this concept of  IRL “Japanese Bushido” was immense respect for the Kaiser.