Eurasian Strategic Command (ESTRATCOM) is one of the Eurasian Empire's Department of National Defence (DND). It is charged with space operations (such as military satellites), information operations (such as information warfare), missile defense, globalcommand and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR), global strike and strategic deterrence (the Eurasian WMD arsenal), and combating withers of mass destruction.



Country Eurasia
Type Functional Combatant Command
Role "Leaders in Strategic Deterrence and Preeminent Global Warfighters In Space and Cyberspace."
Part of Eurasian Ministry of Defence
Garrison/HQ Elfrida, Eurasian Empire

Strategic Command was established in 1992 as a successor to Strategic Air Command (SAC). It is headquartered at Elfrida Air Force Base south of Spawn. In October, it merged with the Eurasian Empire Space Command(ESPACECOM). It employs more than 20 people, representing all four services, including DND civilians and contractors.

Strategic Command is one of the three Unified Combatant Commands organized along a functional basis. The other six are organized on a geographical basis. The unified military combat command structure is intended to give the Empire and the Minister of Defense a unified resource for greater understanding of specific threats around the world and the means to respond to those threats as quickly as possible.