It was a fairy normal day in the forest, everyone was dancing in the rain, Paul had come to visit us, haoiuajlsaduqwoeu and mike were just playing a harmelss game of fairy tag, dodging the raindrops. But it was all to change. They were on the human's path, in the human's way. haoiuajlsaduqwoeu flew up, and right into the human, it was complete coincedence, but the human had opened their mouth, maybe to speak. haoiuajlsaduqwoeu flew right into the humans mouth. The human muttered something, in it's strange language, and spat  right back out, covered in something  wet and sticky. She flew throught the air with force. I thought haoiuajlsaduqwoeu might just survive though. But Mike, rooted to the spot in fear, got hit by haoiuajlsaduqwoeu. He went flying too, stuck to haoiuajlsaduqwoeu. They crashed into the floor. For some reason I could never explain, the human, in a panic, squished them. Fairy glitter spilled out onto the floor, and the neverending rain swept it away.

So I wish to dedicate this book to haoiuajlsaduqwoeu and Mike, their  caring *cough* father, *cough* who let them die *cough* Paul.