Federal Security ServiceEdit

Federal Security Service of the Eurasian Empire

“Федеральная Эурасиан служба безопасности / Federal Eurasian Security“

The Federal Security Service of the Eurasian Federation (FSB) (Russian: ФСБ, Федеральная Эурасиан служба безопасности ; Federal’naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Eurasia Empire)

The FSB  is responsible for intelligence and espionage activities outside the Eurasian Empire. It works in cooperation with the Eurasian Federal Police (EBPOL), which reportedly deployed six times as many spies in foreign countries as the FSB. The FSB is also authorized to negotiate anti-terrorist cooperation and intelligence-sharing arrangements with foreign intelligence agencies, and provides analysis and dissemination of intelligence to the Eurasian Emperor.

  • Conduct intelligence;
  • Implement active measures to ensure Eurasia’s security;
  • Conduct military, strategic, economic, scientific and technological espionage;
  • Protect employees of Eurasia’s institutions overseas and their families;
  • Provide personal security for Eurasian government officials and their families;
  • Conduct joint operations with foreign security services;
  • Conduct electronic surveillance in foreign countries.

The Eurasian Empire Emperor can personally issue any secret orders for the FSB, without asking the houses of the Federal Assembly: State Duma and Federation Council.