The Orcs

Cruel, wicked, nasty, and short tempered.

The Orcs mostly dwell underground in large, complex cave systems.

Located on the outside of the entrances to the cave systems, there are small villages where some Orcs live.

The Orcs are fierce fighters. Well trained in hand to hand combat and decent archery skills, they are a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Orcish society revolves around mining and smithing. Experienced in the art of smithing, the Orcs create some of the finest weapons, armor, and tools. The Orcs share everything with their own kind, making sure each and every one of them are healthy, fit, and ready to battle at a moments notice. The leader of an Orcish village is the Chieftan. The Chieftan is the most highly respected member of a village or group of Orcs. They make the decisions for their fellow Orcs. Orcish culture revolves around combat. When an Orc proves them self in combat, they gain respect and honor from the other Orcs. Win more fights, fight valiantly and bravely, and you will be well respected. Fight like a coward, and you will be looked down upon. The Orcs do not take kindly to most other races, especially humans and demons. They may do occasional raids and ambushes on other races, to try and prove their superiority in combat and/or defend their land

So, if you would like to become an Orc, leave a reply here, or talk to a Chieftan in-game. Then, grab an Orc skin, put it on, and show up at an Orcish village. Have fun killing those other petty beings, fellow Orcs! Haha!