ShopAds Advertise your shop!

/ad may be replaced with 

/ads at any time on any command

/ad c(reate) [shopname] [number of hours] [message...] - Advertisement Creation.

/ad c [shopname] [message] - Admins only - Neverending Advertisement.

[shopname] - This is what the tag for the message that others receive as well as the name to tp to.

[number of hours] - How long you want the ad to run.

[message] - Put the message you want other to see.

/ad set [shopname] [property] [value] - Changes shop settings.

/ad del(ete) [shopname] - Deletes the specified shop if it exists for you.

/ad stats (player) - Lists all your ads and time left on them.

/ad rates - Shows the current rate for 1hr cycle. /ad list - Lists all ads currently running.

/ad ? - Shows plugin help.

/ad - Shows plugin help.

/ad on- Turns receiving ads on per player.

/ad off - Denies incoming ads per player, this is the default when player is new.

/ad reload - Reloads the ads and config.

/ad disable - Disables the plugin.

/shops - Display all current shops advertising

/shops -Lists all the shops that you can teleport to.

/shops [shopname]- Teleports to the shop requested.