Eurasia Video-0

Eurasia Video-0

Starring Nutella and diggydino, filmed by Ethan, and beautifully directed by Chipmunk

This is a page about the staff themselves. If you want to know more about their roles, then click here


Even in the darkest times, they will prevail. Even when it seems all hope is lost, they will be waiting at your shoulder. They are the backbone of the community, and the superheroes of Eurasia. 

The moderators rewinding time to fix the worst of greifs, the devs raising cities from nothing. The admins keeping everything together, and the owner ruling over everyone.

Staff ListEdit

Paul (mariomario1123) - Owner

Dast (dast101) Head-Admin, Chief of technical operations.

Muffrin (muffrin) Admin, Head build-dev, chief of design and development.

Chuyman (chuyman32) Design and development developer, terraformer, dev.

(i'm copying this from the signs at spawn don't judge me)

Wiggles (mrwiggles99) Head-moderator.

Bailey (xTXSQx) Moderator.

Arzen (Arzen_Delfiance) Moderator.

Nutella (Nutellie) Moderator.

Akito (akito314) Moderator.

Blackout (blackout819) Trial Mod.

Pink_Unicorn (Suigin_Tatsu) Dev, and pink unicorn.

Bane (creepersbane) Dev.

Orange (ORANGE_JEWSCE) Dev, and deliciously orange.

'The Darkness' (creeper453) Dev, and an entity...

Avenging Hadok (AvengingHadok) Just another b*stard.

I'm_Strange (Im_Strange) Forum moderator.

Chipmunk (o_Chipmunk_o) Wiki Admin, Trial mod. She wrote this page and wishes for you to enjoy it!

If you're not here, then i'm sorry, I tried! Just add yourself on, and if you can't let me know and i'll add you ;) -Chipmunk