Imperial University of Eurasia Edit

This fine establishment was founded by the present headmaster:Mr.Madman.The only reason for the Universitys existance is that the Government of Eurasia funded the headmaster to build a university.It all started when the present headmaster started a school at his home by the name of "Wiggleton Public School".Then upon asking the government for assistance the Kaiser Paul himself came to inspect the school and gave thousands of coins to build the new university.This university was built in a snowy area with the help of family.When the University finally opened it was a success at once.However the University has since declined due to vandals breaking windows and breaking in.However the school will be rebuilt better in the next land and hopefully can restart soon with the help of both staff and students.

Plans for the futureEdit

The University shall be building another building on the next land to educate its students.It shall have a system that will require more of students and staff.We are presently making plans for the school to return.

We hope that if you have any ideas you would like to be seen in the next university building that you inform Mr.Madman.


There are many things surrounding the university that make it unique and simply the greatest.For example a giant tree just by the school.This tree was created by God and he also helped us expand our school he sewed a garden by the school of mushrooms and mobs of which it turned into a small piece of heaven on earth.Sadly some of it is now gone.

We thank you for reading and if you have any ideas or thoughts speak to the headmaster and to see this great university in person do /warp IU.

I thank you for reading and hope you can attend our university -Mr.MadmanEdit