The Invasion

The Invasion of September 13 1956 was a confrontation between the Otherworldly Forces and the governments of the Earth, leading to a large human death toll and the Demon occupation of the entire planet.


On September 13 1956 at exactly 12:02 PM the Demons launched an invasion on Earth. World governments tried to calm the masses but chaos ensued. The Demons ravines opened up simultaneously all around the globespreading Otherworldy life forms all around Earth causing the people to move into nations capital city for military protection. The Demons defeated most of the world's armed forces in only a few days. Nations couldn't keep producing ammunition for their weapons so all their firearms became useless so they went back to bows and swords. All major cities were overrun in a matter of days despite fierce opposition from Earth's forces. Eurasia's Hillshire was one of the first to go. Followed by Valeria's and Meiyo's capital.


Remnants of Earth's armed forces quickly came together, despite their inferior weaponry, they managed to push back the Demons from most major capitals.

The Counterattack began in the City of Hillshire, where a large Contingent of Demons were bunkered down. At exactly 1:45 AM, Remnant Forces begain the counterattack. The demons were quickly overran and pushed back to the borders of Kingston. Earth's Forces now had a center of operations and Hillshire was used to coordinate most of the coming counterattacks.

It is now 5 months after the Invasion and both sides are at a stalemate, both sides are launching constant attacks but are met with brute force. Vampires paradrop from the skies every night, launching daring raids onto human settlements. Werewolves spring also from the night and maraud the rural countryside. Ghouls have silently killed many military or political leaders. However, on the human side, priests have been called up to help the cause by healing others, giving hope, and sending Demons back to their place... delaying them at least. And the nomadic witch hunter group have taken bows and are helping the world's militaries take back village by village, town by town, city to city.