Description Edit

The WitchHunters are an organization of Humanoids who have excelled in the art of killing "Supernatural" beings, and have trained the way of the bow. They are a secret soceity devoted to protecting humans, angels, and priests, and are very subtle in their in their manner. WitchHunter involvement in wars is kept low profile and often unknown to enemy.

The TenetsEdit

The WitchHunters lead a small group called the "Hunters" devoted to hunting supernatural beings and defending humanity. Members of the group are required to follow a small set of tenets, or rules.

  1. Stay your arrow from the flesh of an innocent.
  2. Hide in plain sight. 
  3. Never compromise the organization.
  4. Do Not Steal from your fellow Hunters.
  5. You must never Lie.


WitchHunters will abandon their swords to heavily train in Archery and Acrobatics, allowing them to acomplish feats ordinary humans cannot. These skills are either gained over by time by killing supernaturals or are learned through joing the Hunters.

Hunters are trained acrobats, and have leanred how to land carefully and safely when falling from tall heights. However, the ensure full mobility, hunters only wear loose-fitting leather, or normal clothing.

Power Arrow - WitchHunters have grown the strength to be able to Overdraw their bow and fire and extremely powerful arrow. However, doing so is very strenuous and Hunters must wait a moment before firing to avoid injury.

Fire Arrow - WitchHunters have learned how to light their arrows on fire without damaging the bow, and thus can use "fire-arrows" to effectively deal with non-demon targets.

Graple Arrow - WitchHunters have a modified arrow that functions to grab enemies to prevent fleeing.

Triple Arrow - Experienced WitchHunters have another modified arrow that upon firing will split into three arrows, effectively dispatching unarmored enemies in with one string pull.


WitchHunters will be shunned and expelled from the group immediatley if they should ever commit the following crimes.

  1. Break Tenet 1 or 3
  2. Found helping the enemy.
  3. Abusing power.

WitchHunters who fall out of practice and exhibit poor bow skills (shooting yourself) will loose their abilities entirely, however will not be removed from the organization.