Yellowworth Anthem

Yellowworth Anthem

Yellowworth National Anthem


The Yellow Ribbon, Yellowworths emblem.

Yellowworth is an interracial town that does not mind the to and fro of visitors. The locals are friendly and jolly. It has not many inhabitants, as the old inhabitants moved away after the town declared justice on the death of a young woman. The other nations simply chuckled. The war was soon called off by the king.

The Royal FamilyEdit

Yellowworths royal family isnt very royal, so to speak. They don't live anywhere special, and treat the locals the same as they would treat friends. They dont take kindly to tresspassers, nor greifers, but they give you two chances.

The royal family is as follows (In order of next in line):

King Shane (Angel)

Queen Georgia (Werewolf)

Princess Amari (Angel)

Prince Wolf (Married into royal family with Princess Amari) (Angel, partly Werewolf)

Prince Enda (Demon)

Prince Dngrun (Werewolf) Their R.C

The Royal Family are friends towards (almost) everyone, and welcomes you to YelllowwortWeather


Weather in Yellowworth is very harsh, with incredibly cold tempratures throughout the whole year. All the buildings are topped with snow. However, this makes for beautiful days out. Yellowworth is a romantic place, and a great place for kids, if you keep warm with armour and coats.

The story of how Yellowworth began.Edit

Yellowworth began when 2 young teenagers fell in love. They got married, and built a large house. It was very fun, and they had lots of great days out and loved each other very much.  Even when they became supernatural beings, the girl being a werewolf and the boy being an Angel, they still loved each other, even though their races were supposed to have a natural hate for each other. They decided to build a treehouse, to escape from everyone and the house life for some time of their own. As they lay there in the treehouse, they decided to mark that it was theirs. They tied a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, and marked their names above it. Soon after, they had 3 children, and decided to make a town. They expanded the town walls and invited friends to live there. The house that the young teens lived in can be seen today, in the middle of the town. It is named "The Yellow Ribbon Hotel.". The young teens in the story are Georgia and Shane.